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BT Internet/ISP scam calls


Following on from our post last week about the common TalkTalk scam calls that many people are receiving, a brief post today about a similar scam where callers are claiming to be representatives of BT Internet/Broadband or other ISPs.

In some cases the callers will have in-depth account information and may call you regarding a problem you reported with your broadband connection. This is worrying because it suggests that account details are being shared with scammers by BT employees. More commonly the caller has very little information and indeed may claim that you have a BT Internet account when in fact you have an account with a different ISP.

If you encounter the latter scenario you may clarify with the caller that you don't have a BT Internet account, at which point they're likely to tell you that because you have a BT phone line they're still responsible for your connection to the internet. This isn't the case - just end the call at this point as the caller is certainly attempting to defraud. The most common scare tactic they employ is to tell people they have multiple unauthorised devices using their internet connections.

In both scenarios the course of action you should take is similar to what we suggested last week:

  • If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative of BT Internet or your ISP, request a call reference number, hang up the telephone, make certain that the call has been terminated and then call your ISP's customer services department. Explain the circumstances surrounding your call and the ISP in question will be able to verify whether they did indeed contact you
  • DO NOT take a phone number from the caller and then return the call. It's important that you find your ISP's customer services number online and call it directly
  • DO NOT visit a website and enter a code when prompted. This is an attempt to gain remote access to your computer
  • DO NOT provide any bank details over the phone unless you have called your ISP directly
  • Scammers are able to spoof UK landline numbers and perhaps even your ISP's contact number, so an inbound call from a number that looks legitimate may not be what it seems. Always end the call and dial your ISP's contact number as it appears on their website or on your bill

And as before, if in doubt, give us a call - we're more than happy to offer advice over the phone if it means less people fall victim to these kinds of scams.

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