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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update


While I am able to continue to provide services during this difficult period, some changes to how I work are necessary in order to ensure my family's health and also the health of my customers.

Home users

I am now working exclusively from home with on-site services and home visits no longer possible. I am still able to collect units from your doorstep and I am accepting repairs to my home address, but not the workshop.

Items dropped off must be handed over at the doorstep. PCs and laptops only please - no cables, peripherals, bags etc.

While I am cleaning equipment as it arrives, it would be helpful if basic sanitation is carried out on your hardware before it is handed over. All returned items will have been thoroughly sanitised.

Business users

Please get in touch to discuss any repairs.

Free advice via phone

In the event you require my services but are unable to access them due to the above, I am able to provide advice free over the phone where necessary. Please call 07973 892 978.

We will update the blog and other platforms if circumstances change, but in the meantime please take care.

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