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How to tell if your PC has a virus


The sun-soaked bank holiday weekend surely marks the end of the flu and cold season, but its always virus season where computers are concerned.

Does my computer have a virus?

If your PC has been taking longer to start up, feels slower generally or the disk access light flashes constantly, there's a chance you may have a virus or malware infection.

Another tell-tale sign is frequent pop-up messages or ads, which suggest your PC may be plagued with adware or spyware. Don't click on these pop-ups and be careful when closing them as some display mock 'close' buttons.

This sort of adware/spyware ranges from frustrating but fairly innocuous, to attempts to deceive you to reveal personal information such as bank account details and passwords.

I think my PC is infected, now what?

There are a plethora of legitimate applications designed to rid your PC of infections and keep it clear, but there is also software designed to look legitimate that is actually a form of malware itself.

Below are a few safe-to-use applications:

Alternatively you could get in touch with PC Repair Pendle and we will do a comprehensive audit of your PC, starting at £20.

If we find active virus or malware infections we will remove them and protect you from future infection. If your PC is clear of viruses and malware there are other potential issues that may cause performance issues, such as disk fragmentation, lack of disk space, memory allocation issues or driver conflict, all of which we would resolve by carrying out a PC Cleanup service.

If you're unsure about how to proceed just get in touch, we're happy to offer advice for free and won't encourage you to spend money with us when it isn't necessary.

Posted by Graham in Advice

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