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Water damaged MacBooks and laptops


So you spilled liquid on your MacBook? Water damaged laptops sit just below screen replacements in the league table of problems we see most often.

Electricity and liquid don't mix!

This seems like a no-brainer: turn your laptop off and leave it turned off.

Sadly we often see water damaged laptops that have been turned back on following the spill, long before it's safe to do so. Putting power through a freshly bathed laptop dramatically increases the chance that you will do serious damage to components.

Let gravity do the work

The inside of laptops are somewhat sealed from the environment, so if you turn your MacBook upside down gravity will encourage the liquid to move away from components and lessen the risk of lasting damage.

Remove the battery and any other attached peripherals. If you know your way around laptop hardware you may also be comfortable removing any hard disk drives and memory, carefully drying those components if necessary.

Now position your laptop on its side with the lid open, leaving it for several hours to ensure any liquid inside the case has worked its way out.

Only use rice as a last resort

There are people who swear by rice as a means of absorbing residual moisture inside drowned phones and laptops, but many tests have suggested placing your laptop in a sealed container with silica gel or cat litter are better options (if available).

It's at this point that we recommend you get in touch with us.

Professional laptop water damage repair

Drop your laptop off at our workshop where we can disassemble it and use a stereo microscope to examine the components for evidence of moisture. We will then remove any residual moisture or corrosion using an ultrasonic cleaner, swapping any irreparably damaged hardware with high-quality replacements.

If components don't need replacing and depending on the volume of liquid involved, this could cost as little as £45. A small price to pay when the alternative is a £1000+ fee from the Apple Store!

In summary

  • Turn it off
  • Turn it upside down
  • Remove any components you feel able to
  • Turn it on its side for several hours
  • Don't turn it on
  • Get in touch with us

Posted by Graham in Advice

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